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Rev Whitney Webb Grace
Address: 320-E Briarwood Dr
Jackson MS 39206
Phone: (601)354-0515
Conference: MISSISSIPPI (760)
Clergy Status:
Clergy/Lay: Clergy
Prev Conference:
Active Status: Active
AppointmentPositionDescriptionDatesConferenceDistrictGCNOView Charts
Leave of AbsenceNone Leave of Absence (FE)ELDER IN FULL CONN03/02/2007 - 06/07/2005MISSISSIPPI S00019
Honorable LocationNone (HL) 06/08/2005 - PresentMISSISSIPPI S00002
First United Methodist Church of Long BeachAssociate Pastor LONG BEACH FIRST  06/05/2001 - 06/02/2002MISSISSIPPISEASHORE320524View
Avon United Methodist ChurchPastor AVON  07/23/1998 - 08/07/2000MISSISSIPPIGREENWOOD329125View
Glen Allan United Methodist ChurchPastor AVON  07/23/1998 - 08/07/2000MISSISSIPPIGREENWOOD329466View