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November 2015

Where does the data come from?

Data displayed on is gathered from districts, annual conferences and general agencies through a variety of sources such as the data sync project, Business of the Annual Conference forms, annual conference journals, annual statistical reporting, and district appointment worksheets. Data collected by GCFA is housed in our Ezra database and is available to the public through

Why is my conference office address/phone/email listed with my name?

In an effort to protect personal contact information, the website displays church, district or conference contact information on people records. If a person is currently appointed to a local church, the church’s contact information should be displayed. For clergy and laity not currently assigned to local churches, their membership conference information is displayed.

Why are some appointment dates different from my conference list?

GCFA uses a default appointment change date of 6/1 or 7/1 when a specific appointment date is not provided from a district or conference. As annual conferences initiate data sync projects, these default dates will be updated with dates supplied by your conference office.

How much appointment history is available?

Typically, GCFA’s database houses appointment records from the late 1990’s through present. In some instances, earlier records may be available. Please email to inquire about historical reports.

My church is missing from the site, how do I get it added?

GCFA processed new church records at the request of the annual conference. If you are unable to locate your church on, please complete the Contact Us form or contact your annual conference office to request your GCNO (general church number).

My personal information is incorrect, how do I get it corrected?

Please note that during the summer appointment season and into the fall, GCFA is continually working to process summer appointment changes. There may be several weeks or months of lag time before a new appointment appears. For corrections, please complete the Contact Us form or contact your annual conference office to report data errors.

Are downloads/exports available?

Downloads are not currently available but are planned for future releases of the website.

What information will be displayed for areas outside of the US (central conferences)?

Annual conference level leadership records and membership statistics will be available on future releases of the website.

The statistics associated with my church do not seem correct. Who do I contact to update them?

The statistics on are reported directly to GCFA from each annual conference. If you find a mistake, please call your conference office.