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Mountain Sky (915)
Address: 6110 Greenwood Plaza Blvd
Greenwood Village, CO 80111--4803
Phone: (303)733-3736
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Entity Level: Conference
Region: UNITED STATES (2)    
Jurisdiction: WESTERN (9)
Episcopal Area: MOUNTAIN SKY (86)
Annual Conference: MOUNTAIN SKY (915)
Name (Select)PositionRoleLevelClergy/LaySince
Leah J. ColemanAC Secretary ConferenceClergy07/01/2020
Rev Ann M Steiner LantzAC Statistician ConferenceClergy10/16/2021
Angela ThomasAC Treasurer ConferenceLay01/02/2020
Ms Laurie Ann DayBoard of Church and Society (¶ 629) ConferenceLay07/01/2020
Rev Jeffrey Olen RainwaterBoard of Church and Society (¶ 629) ConferenceClergy07/01/2020
Ms Laurie Ann DayBoard of Discipleship (¶ 630) ConferenceLay07/01/2019
Sandi Elane DillonBoard of Discipleship (¶ 630) ConferenceClergy07/01/2020
Janet MulroyBoard of Global Ministries (¶ 633) ConferenceClergy01/01/2020
Amanda DanielBoard of Higher Education and Campus Ministry (¶ 634) ConferenceLay07/01/2020
Ms Laurie Ann DayBoard of Higher Education and Campus Ministry (¶ 634) ConferenceLay07/01/2019
Cory YoungBoard of Higher Education and Campus Ministry (¶ 634) ConferenceClergy10/16/2021
Rev Andrea Nicole Rigo ArnoldyBoard of Laity (¶ 631) ConferenceClergy07/01/2020
Linda CockettBoard of Laity (¶ 631) ConferenceLay07/01/2019
Nancy FlintBoard of Laity (¶ 631) ConferenceLay07/01/2020
Sharon VorceBoard of Laity (¶ 631) ConferenceLay07/01/2020
Susan YeagerBoard of Laity (¶ 631) ConferenceLay10/16/2021
Becky BuxtonBoard of Ordained Ministry (¶ 635) ConferenceLay10/16/2021
Rev Alane Currier GriggsBoard of Ordained Ministry (¶ 635) ConferenceClergy10/16/2021
Rev Kimal L JamesBoard of Pensions (¶ 639) ConferenceClergy07/01/2011
Jana CollinsBoard of Pensions Officer ConferenceLay10/15/2015
Nanci BockelieBoard of Trustees (¶ 2512), Presidents ConferenceLay07/01/2021
Bich Thy (Betty) NguyenChristian Unity and Interreligious Concerns (¶ 642) ConferenceClergy01/01/2020
Rev Nancy Ellen MeadCommission on Archives and History (¶ 641) ConferenceClergy07/01/2020
Evelyn WarrenCommission on Communications (¶ 646) ConferenceLay06/24/2021
Rev Eric R FeuersteinCommission on Equitable Compensation (¶ 625) ConferenceClergy07/01/2019
Jasper PetersCommission on Religion and Race (¶ 643) ConferenceClergy07/01/2019
Ms Laurie Ann DayCommission on Small Church Membership (¶ 645) ConferenceLay07/01/2019
Rev Jeffrey Olen RainwaterCommission on Small Church Membership (¶ 645) ConferenceClergy07/01/2020
Emily KintzelCommission on the Status and Role of Women (¶ 644) ConferenceClergy07/01/2019
Janet MulroyCommittee on Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries (¶ 657) ConferenceClergy01/01/2020
Rev Kent P IngramCommittee on Episcopacy (¶ 637) ConferenceClergy07/01/2019
Calvin HillCommittee on Native American Ministry (¶ 654) ConferenceClergy07/01/2020
Mr Richard A MarshConference Chancellor ConferenceLay10/16/2021
Rev Steven E HermesConference Journal Editors ConferenceClergy06/10/2008
Pam VanalstyneConference Journal Editors ConferenceLay07/01/2020
Rev C Dennis ShawCouncil on Finance and Administration (¶ 611) ConferenceClergy10/16/2021
Mr Chris FrasierCouncil on Ministries, Chairpersons ConferenceLay07/01/2016
Rev Jeff HirotaCouncil on Ministries, Chairpersons ConferenceClergy07/01/2016
Kay LansverkCouncil on Ministries, Chairpersons ConferenceLay02/01/2016
Amanda DaniellCouncil on Young Adult Ministry (¶ 650) ConferenceLay10/16/2021
Amanda DaniellCouncil on Youth Ministry (¶ 649) ConferenceLay07/01/2019
Rev Andrea Nicole Rigo ArnoldyDirector of Connectional Ministries (¶ 608) ConferenceClergy07/01/2019
Rev David W BurtDirector of Connectional Ministries (¶ 608) ConferenceClergy07/01/2012
Ms Laurie Ann DayDirector of Connectional Ministries (¶ 608) ConferenceLay07/01/2019
Rev Youngsook C KangDirector of Connectional Ministries (¶ 608) ConferenceClergy07/01/2012
Gayla Jo SlausonLay Leader (¶ 607) ConferenceLay07/01/2019