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Address: 4719 Woodmere Blvd
Montgomery, AL 36106
Phone: (334)356-8014
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Entity Level: Conference
Region: UNITED STATES (2)    
Jurisdiction: SOUTHEASTERN (7)
Episcopal Area: ALABAMA-WEST FLORIDA (77)
Annual Conference: ALABAMA-WEST FLORIDA (721)
Name (Select)PositionRoleLevelClergy/LaySince
Mrs Mary Catherine PhillipsAC Communicator (¶ 609) ConferenceLay06/01/2015
Rev Ashley Walker DavisAC Secretary ConferenceClergy07/01/2018
Suzanne KrejcarAC Statistician ConferenceLay07/01/2018
Suzanne KrejcarAC Treasurer ConferenceLay07/01/2018
Rev Robert Gibbs CouchAdministrative Review Committee (¶ 636)ChairConferenceClergy07/01/2016
Kirsten CarlsonBoard of Church and Society (¶ 629)ChairConferenceLay07/01/2016
Lisa AusleyBoard of Discipleship (¶ 630)ChairConferenceLay07/01/2016
Rev Dr James B Sanders IiiBoard of Ordained Ministry (¶ 635)ChairConferenceClergy07/01/2016
Belinda CarnegieBoard of Pensions Officer ConferenceLay06/17/2021
Olivia L Poole-ReneauBoard of Trustees (¶ 2512), Presidents ConferenceClergy07/01/2020
Rev Joseph H ReamsCommission on Archives and History (¶ 641) ConferenceClergy07/01/2019
Micahel A. CobbCommission on Equitable Compensation (¶ 625)ChairConferenceClergy01/01/2017
Rev Jimmy M BooneCommission on Small Church Membership (¶ 645) ConferenceClergy06/17/2021
Kirsten CarlsonCommittee on Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries (¶ 657)ChairConferenceLay07/01/2016
Berta HurstonCommittee on Disability Concerns (¶ 653)ChairConferenceLay07/01/2017
Alexis TibbettsCommittee on Episcopacy (¶ 637)ChairConferenceLay07/01/2017
Gary ColeCommittee on Native American Ministry (¶ 654) ConferenceClergy06/17/2021
Bob NorthcuttConference Chancellor ConferenceLay07/01/2019
Mrs Sarah S McwilliamsConference Journal Editors ConferenceLay07/01/2020
George MingledorffCouncil on Finance and Administration (¶ 611) ConferenceLay07/01/2019
Rev Ashley Walker DavisCouncil on Ministries, Chairpersons ConferenceClergy07/01/2018
Allen DunhamUnited Methodist Men (¶ 648) ConferenceLay07/01/2018
Debbie Bell BracewellUnited Methodist Women (¶ 647)ChairConferenceLay07/01/2017