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Address: 800 Daisy Gatson Bates Dr
Little Rock, AR 72202--3770
Phone: (501)324-8000
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Entity Level: Conference
Region: UNITED STATES (2)    
Jurisdiction: SOUTH CENTRAL (5)
Episcopal Area: ARKANSAS (3)
Annual Conference: ARKANSAS (510)
Name (Select)PositionRoleLevelClergy/LaySince
Amy EzellAC Communicator (¶ 609) ConferenceLay07/01/2018
Clark AtkinsAC Secretary ConferenceClergy06/01/2020
Ms Melissa SandersAC Statistician ConferenceLay07/01/2014
Mr James Todd BurrisAC Treasurer ConferenceLay06/01/2006
Rev Jeffery Trent WarrickAdministrative Review Committee (¶ 636)ChairConferenceClergy07/01/2017
Philip Jayphen ClarkBoard of Church and Society (¶ 629)ChairConferenceClergy07/01/2016
Ms Brenda NorwoodBoard of Global Ministries (¶ 633)ChairConferenceLay07/01/2015
Rev Roy P SmithBoard of Higher Education and Campus Ministry (¶ 634)ChairConferenceClergy07/01/2015
Kathy ConleyBoard of Laity (¶ 631) ConferenceLay06/01/2020
Rev Pamela Jean EstesBoard of Ordained Ministry (¶ 635)ChairConferenceClergy07/01/2015
Mr Stark LigonBoard of Pensions (¶ 639)ChairConferenceLay07/01/2016
Tony GriffinBoard of Trustees (¶ 2512), Presidents ConferenceClergy07/01/2018
Michael BolinChristian Unity and Interreligious Concerns (¶ 642) ConferenceClergy07/01/2019
Helen GuenterCommission on Archives and History (¶ 641)ChairConferenceLay07/01/2015
Jacob TurnerCommission on Communications (¶ 646) ConferenceLay07/01/2019
Rev Paul L StrangCommission on Equitable Compensation (¶ 625)ChairConferenceClergy07/01/2016
Rev George Edwin OdellCommission on Religion and Race (¶ 643)ChairConferenceClergy07/01/2015
Rev James H CrossCommission on Small Church Membership (¶ 645) ConferenceClergy07/01/2019
Sara Darlene Bayles CharltonCommission on the Status and Role of Women (¶ 644) ConferenceClergy07/01/2018
Philip Jayphen ClarkCommittee on Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries (¶ 657)ChairConferenceClergy07/01/2016
Rev Stephen E WaggonerCommittee on Disability Concerns (¶ 653) ConferenceClergy06/01/2020
Kathy ConleyCommittee on Episcopacy (¶ 637) ConferenceLay06/01/2020
Thomas CrawfordCommittee on Native American Ministry (¶ 654) ConferenceClergy07/01/2019
Rev Angela J GageCommittee on Native American Ministry (¶ 654) ConferenceClergy07/01/2018
Ms Michelle AtorConference Chancellor ConferenceLay07/01/2014
Caleb HenningtonConference Journal Editors ConferenceLay01/01/2020
Rev Brittany Stanton Richardson WatsonCouncil on Finance and Administration (¶ 611) ConferenceClergy06/01/2019
Rev Pamela Jean EstesCouncil on Ministries, Chairpersons ConferenceClergy08/01/2015
Lauren DelanoCouncil on Young Adult Ministry (¶ 650) ConferenceClergy07/01/2019
Zach SchrickCouncil on Youth Ministry (¶ 649) ConferenceLay07/01/2018
Rev James P PolkDirector of Connectional Ministries (¶ 608) ConferenceClergy07/01/2016
Kathy ConleyLay Leader (¶ 607) ConferenceLay06/01/2020
Clay MccastlainUnited Methodist Men (¶ 648) ConferenceLay07/01/2019
Cathy BlackwoodUnited Methodist Women (¶ 647) ConferenceLay07/01/2019