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Lee United Methodist Church
Mail Address: Po Box 38
Lee FL 32059
Physical Address: 246 Se County Road 255
Lee FL 32059
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Country: USA
Phone: (850)971-5585  
Avg Membership/Attendance: 224/59
GCNO: 358220
Conference: FLORIDA
Jurisdiction /
Central Conference:
Episcopal Area: FLORIDA
District: NORTH WEST
Type: Chartered
Date Founded:
Date Closed:
Date Chartered:
Date Reopened:
Ethnicity: WHITE
Charge Name: LEE
Quick Facts (2021)
Professing Members224
Professions of Faith1
Baptized Members0
Adults Baptized This Year0
Children Baptized This Year0
Constituent Members23
Sunday School Attendance15
Small Group Participation28
Number Of Small Groups3
Mission Participation0
Apportionment Percentage Paid100%
Mission Giving$33,100
Total Spending$160,113
Total Income$214,350